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Soundproof Your Space

Having a space of your own is great, but if you’re yet to discover some peace and quiet due to noisy surroundings or a generally busy household/ workspace, we’ve got some budget-friendly solutions for you. 

Soundproofing a room for cheap is completely viable, so you won’t have to break your pocket to create your personal studio environment. Knowing how to soundproof a room requires a bit of knowledge and creativity. Let’s introduce you to the World of Soundproofing. 

How Soundproofing Works

Soundproofing is a science in its own right. Sound travels via waves. Once these waves are disrupted as they travel, the sound produced is reduced. The level of effectiveness of soundproof elements depends on the various acoustic features of the objects disrupting the sound waves. Size, thickness, density and structure all play important roles in how well these objects block sound. 

The following can be combined to provide a more silent space:

  • Noise Reduction
  • Sound Absorption  

Noise Reduction

This is done by blocking any direct air pathways that allow sound to travel from the outside to the inside.

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) measures the average amount of sound an acoustic material may absorb. The scale range is 0 to 1; with 0 meaning no sound was absorbed and 1 that all sound was absorbed. Density and thickness of a material are also factors used when calculating the NRC.

The NRC is usually reported as a percentage. 1-inch thick cork wall tiles have a rating of 0.7, which means 70% of the noise is absorbed and 30% is reflected.

The three main contact surfaces in a room are the flooring, walls and windows/doors. Beneath we list some materials which disrupt sound waves, and as a result, reduce noise. 

Cork Interior Building Materials

  • Soundproofing underlayment under rigid flooring
    Cork is an inexpensive soundproofing underlay. It reduces sound transfer and echo, and is water-resistant. Cork will last for years and doesn’t deteriorate or off-gas noxious fumes like other underlays.
  • Flooring
    Cork flooring is available in planks, tiles, floating tiles, and rolled sheets. It cushions the floor reducing sound transfer and echo. Combined with cork underlay it will further improve soundproofing. It reduces floor noises plus conversation, TV and other airborne noises.
  • Wall Tiles
    Wall tiles and panels are available in different colors, thicknesses, textures and decorative styles. They provide acoustic and thermal insulation as well as aesthetically improving the look of a plain drywall interior.
  • Ceiling Tiles
    Using cork panels or tiles will further soundproof a room. The tiles or panels can be glued to drywall or other rigid material, and then attached to the ceiling or into a drop ceiling grid. It will absorb sound waves and reduce echoes.

Sound Absorption

Sound energy can be absorbed or dampened. 

Carpet reduces the vibrations which are transferred by trapping the sound waves in their fibre. It’s important to note carpet won’t block any noise coming from outdoors, however, it would improve the quality of sound in one’s room.  The downside is that carpets are dust-magnets and negatively impact one’s health, especially those with allergies. That’s where Hytex wall-coverings come in. 

Hytex Wall Coverings

Hytex Inc. is a leading supplier of decorative textiles to both the commercial interiors and industrial segments.

Hytex wall coverings is a cutting-edge, sound absorbing product that brings warmth and comfort to every space, inspiring concentration and creativity by allowing you to speak and hear without echo or distraction from ambient noise. Up to .25 NRC depending on pattern, the clarity and articulation of voice and sound improves enormously to enhance the sound quality inside a room and provides dramatic acoustic improvement.

It delivers a rich tactile experience in a broad collection of contemporary color and pattern combinations to enhance all common areas. Solution dyed color will not fade or run even if exposed to bleach.

Last but not least, it is the only non-woven wallcovering with Fosshield®, an FDA cleared antimicrobial technology incorporating silver and copper ions into the fiber which naturally attack microbes thus delivering surface protection in addition to odor, mold, and bacteria resistance.

FloorsWD Ltd. is a proud distributor of Hytex Wall Coverings. *

*(All product information has been provided by Hytex directly.)

Additional Soundproofing Methods

Windows & Doors

Solutions for Windows: 

  • Install window inserts 
  • Create your own window plug 
  • Consider investing in PVC windows. 

Solutions for Doors: 

  • Weatherstripping Tape 
  • Acoustic Caulk 

Soundproofing is both functional as it is about aesthetic.

Visit our showroom to explore your options today and let us help you make a more beautiful, functional space for you today.